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  • 3-Day Executive Stem Cell Therapy Program in Bangkok or Chiang Mai

    Over the last few years, there has been a very rapid development in new sources of adult stem cells made available to treat various degenerative diseases and illnesses.  Although nowadays the main source of adult stem cells therapy remains via the use of the Peripheral Blood Stem Cell method (PBSC); using stem cells generated from the bone marrow, there are now new methods available that use different sources of adult stem cells including cord blood, placenta, liver, fat tissues, skin, and baby teeth and wisdom teeth.

    Thai Regen has been following these new exciting developments very closely and with its various technological partners in Thailand and overseas verified, tested, refined, and finally endorsed some of these new methods and sources of stem cells in order to offer to our patients the best remedy for their health problems or potential degenerative disease issues.

    Thai Regen is now offering a 3-Day adult stem cell programs using new sources of stem cells including wisdom teeth stem cells, cord blood, and fat tissue (adipose) stem cells. Adequate sources of stem cells and treatment method is chosen according to a patient’s health conditions and medical record.

    For more details on the various stem cell therapy treatments and methods available, please fill out an enquiry form or Contact us directly.