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    Rejuvenation (anti aging)

    Chronic Pain & Arthritis

    Diabetes Mellitus

    Other Illnesses

    Rejuvenation (anti aging)

    Name: S.S.

    Location: Texas, USA

    Age: 72

    Symptoms/Diagnosis: Interested in Rejuvenation/Anti-aging Therapy

    Procedure: Health Regen – PBSC autologous adult stem cells therapy

    Treatment Date: October 2009

    Treatment Results:

    Our male patient, a family doctor in Texas, underwent stem cell therapy in October 2009.  The treatment was a life changing affaire for him and gave him back his youth.   In his own words, in an interview conducted in Chiang Mai in March 2010, our patient mentioned that since the treatment, his knee pains have disappeared, his short term memory is back, and amazingly, he does not need to use his glasses anymore to drive his car and read his emails and daily newspaper.

    However, the bigger telling tale of this success story is that since undergoing our therapy, this family doctor has been coming back to Thailand every 3 to 4 months to bring patients from his own clinic as well as referrals to come benefit from our various stem cell therapy programs.  Patients have come for rejuvenation and anti-aging therapy, but some of them have also come to treat more serious ailments including severe cases of diabetes, arthritis, and erectile dysfunction.

    Name: K. B.

    Location: Hawaii, USA

    Age: 74


    LETTER FROM THE PATIENT: “I am 74 years young I have been healthy most of my life, other than the occasional colds, flu and headaches caused by stress. I’ve always experienced lots of physical vitality. But last year, 2009, I had cataract surgery after which one of my eyes developed a herpes outbreak which, aside from being painful and almost rendering me blind, stressed me out to the max. I was forced to take heavy anti-viral medication, which caused some bad side effects.

    A few months later I developed stomach ulcers caused by h-pylori bacteria. I was put on an intense 2-week anti-biotic regimen. The side effects were devastating and I felt like I would never feel strong and vital again. That’s when I knew I had to do something out of the ordinary to get my health and vitality back.

    Procedure: Health Regen – PBSC autologous adult stem cells therapy

    Treatment Date: December 2009

    Treatment Results:

    CONTINUED LETTER FROM THE PATIENT: My husband had been to a wonderful Health Spa and Resort in Chang Mai Thailand, so we decided to journey there together in hopes of rejuvenation and de-stressing.  Once there, I learned that Thai Regen team visited the Clinic at the Resort once a week to offer consultations on stem cell treatments.  I made an appointment with them, and after they described the treatment and its effects, I signed up to have the Stem Cell Procedure done.

    The results were astounding.  The first thing I noticed only hours after the Stem Cells were intravenously injected was that I could feel improved blood circulation.  I have always had cold hands and cold feet due to poor circulation, but the morning after the treatment I awoke in the chilly dawn of the Resort and my feet and hands were nice and warm.

    Three days following my Stem Cell treatment, my whole body started to feel regenerated. My vitality came back; my body felt flexible, young, like it had when I was 18 years old.  My sense of well being was amazing. Along with the shift in my body, my emotions became more balanced. Joy and inspiration started to bubble out of me like a young woman in love with life. I hadn’t felt that way in years.

    It has been 4 months since my stem cell procedure, and I continue to feel the great vitality, suppleness, and lightness in my body. Even though I have a stressful job as Owner and President of 2 Wedding companies, I don’t have the aches and pains that stress used to cause in my body.

    I continue to experience a wonderful deep sense of well being and I am beaming with good health. For that I am grateful to Thai Regen and their Stem Cell Treatment.”

    You would like to know more? Please send us an email and we will be happy to put you directly in touch with this patient.

    Chronic Pain and Arthritis

    Name: A. F.

    Location: Washington D.C., USA

    Age: 39

    Symptoms/Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia/Chronic fatigue

    Procedure: Treat Regen – PBSC autologous adults stem cell therapy + growth factor agents

    Treatment Date: July 2009

    Treatment Results:

    EMAIL FROM THE PATIENT: “While obvious barriers to medical tourism ride on scepticism and fear based on misconception and lack of information, those that are fortunate to investigate further may be richly rewarded, as I have through my stem cell therapy with Thai Regen.  Thai Regen’s stem cells specialist’s accessibility and consultations prior to, throughout, and post procedure not only facilitated the exchange of information and education related specifically to the procedure itself, but contributed to fostering a trust that is essential in elective procedures, especially abroad, for that matter.  In all aspects, Thai Regen’s team of Doctors and supporting staff were trustworthy, reputable, top-caliber, professional, courteous; and offered a full service experience that began with being met at the airport by specialized health care handlers, and ended with complimentary acupuncture.  I strongly recommend Thai Regen’s team.”

    Diabetes Mellitus

    Name: S. S.

    Location: Bangkok, Thailand

    Age: 49

    Symptoms/Diagnosis: She suffers from diabetes and related complications including a blurred vision and farsightedness (hyperopia) at 600.  Her HbA1C factor is at 7.8% (according to the American Diabetes Association, an HbA1C factor above 6.5% is an indication of diabetes).  She can barely see on the day of her treatment.

    Procedure: Treat Regen – MSC autologous adult stem cells therapy combined with chelation treatment

    Treatment Date: 21 August and September 3 2010
    Evaluation after Therapy: 18 September, 2 weeks after her latest stem cell therapy

    Treatment Results:

    Her HbA1C is down to 6.1% and her eyesight is down at 300.   She also reported important physical improvements including:

    • More strength – used to sleep all day long on Sundays
    • Walks straight forward and quicker – used to wobble all over
    • Looks healthier – used to look strained with pale haggard face
    • Her Hematocrit level (Hct – a way to measure a person’s complete blood count” ) increased from 31 to 36.  A normal range for female is 37-48.
    • Improvement of her eyesight – she can see once again the clouds in the sky
    • No more treatment needed from the eye doctor

    Other Illnesses

    Name: P. S.

    Location: Bangkok, Thailand

    Age: 71

    Symptoms/Diagnosis: At age 71, his health condition is normal.  He has slight allergies and some sneezing early mornings.  He is also bald at the middle of his head as he started losing his hair from middle age on.

    A peculiar issue with this patient is that he has suffered from stuttering since he was born.  This is something he has learned to live with and accepted long time ago that there was no cure for it.

    Procedure: Treat Regen – PBSC autologous adult stem cells

    Treatment Date: March 2010

    Evaluation after Therapy: 6 months later

    Treatment Results:

    After he underwent the PBSC therapy, his sneezing disappeared a few weeks later as well as he also noticed new hair growth.  His endurance, strength and energy also went up.  He could notice the difference quite readily since he is an avid golfer and his game level increased a few notch.

    Most unusual though, his stuttering went away.  He now enjoys a second lease on life singing at karaoke bars with friends.  And for the first time ever, he can now argue back with his wife and sometimes win an argument.