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    Thailand Based Stem Cell Therapy Programs for Anti aging, Body Rejuvenation, and the Prevention of Degenerative Diseases

    Thai Regen makes use of stem cell therapy (autologous adult stem cells) and other medical and holistic healing therapies for the prevention and treatment of degenerative disease as well as for anti-aging and body rejuvenation.  The Programs are geared towards helping individuals prevent or delay age-related diseases and other illnesses to which they might be predisposed.  The Programs can also go a long way in helping an individual achieve and sustain optimal health and well being from the day he or she receives our stem cell therapy until well into his or her golden years.  Our main objective at Thai Regen is not only for our patients to live longer but also to live free of age-related problems and diseases.

    We have 4 distinct stem cell Programs available that cater to the different needs and requirements of our various patients:

    Program 1 – Health Regen Basic

    Our basic Program – “Health Regen Basic” is for individuals looking to regain and sustain an optimal health level as well as prevent or delay age-related diseases and other illnesses to which they might be predisposed.  The stem cell therapy is also a welcome boost to the immune system and offers several positive side effects including a regain in one’s vitality and energy level.  Duration of the Program is 7 days.  Contact us for more details!

    Program 2 – Health Regen Chelation

    Stem cell therapies have been found to be a lot less effective in patients with high doses of heavy metals in their body.  For this reason, we have developed a Health Regen Chelation Program” for individuals that want to undergo a stem cell therapy as per our Program 1 but also need to be detoxified.

    What is Chelation Therapy?

    Chelation Therapy consists in administrating a chelating agent intravenously (IV method) to remove toxic heavy metals from the body including lead, mercury, and even arsenic.  Chelation functions by making chemical bonds with the metal ions and rendering them less chemically reactive.  This bonding also makes the metal ions water-soluble, allowing them to enter the bloodstream and to be harmlessly removed by the bladder or bowel.

    Why is it needed?

    In today’s environment, our body is constantly exposed to high levels of toxic heavy metals including from car exhaust, tooth fillings, foods (seafood and fish in particular) to name a few.  These heavy metals are stored by various organs in our body and may over time accumulate in large quantity.  In regards to stem cells therapy, our experience to date tells us that if a body’s heavy metal content is high, the results of the stem cell therapy will be greatly diminished.  Using Chelation Therapy therefore goes a long way in making a Stem Cells Therapy more efficient and will lead to better results.  Duration of the Program is 7 days.  Contact us for more details!

    Program 3 – Health Regen D Plus

    Our Health Regen D Plus program” is tailored made for patients that have been diagnosed with Type 1 or 2 Diabetes or are predisposed to developing the disease due to their genetic make-up or causal effects such as eating habits or work load.  This program has the potential to help our patients achieve a better health level while delaying the potential ill effects of Type 2 Diabetes, and in some cases, eliminating the symptoms all together.  This is achieved by boosting our basic stem cell therapy program with a unique stem cell agent that targets the pancreas glandular organ.  Duration of the Program is 7 days.  Contact us for more details!

    Program 4 – Health Regen Facial

    Our “Health Regen Facial Program” is tailored made for patients looking to rejuvenate their internal organs and tissues as in Program 1 but also hide the physical effects of aging.  With aging, it is well understood that the skin becomes loose and wrinkles appear.  This is due in great part to the fact that the production of collagen and elastin diminishes, reducing the skin’s propensity to resume its shape after stretching or contracting.   To alleviate these traces of aging, our Facial Program combines a basic stem cells therapy as per Program 1 with an injection of collagen and stem cells into key parts of our patient’s face skin.  The collagen and stem cells combination is applied to fill skin depressions, flatten wrinkles, and lift areas of the face.  The Program will make your skin dramatically look younger and also rejuvenate your body from inside out.  Duration of the Program is 7 days.  Contact us for more details!

    Depending on a patient’s medical record and pre-screening test results, our qualified physicians in consultation with a patient’s physician may also recommend other therapies beyond our basic Health Regen Programs – such as vitamin infusion therapy, ozone therapy, and hormone therapy – that could be used to enhance the stem cells therapy results.