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    Thailand Based Degenerative Disease Stem Cell Therapy Programs

    Thai Regen makes use of stem cell therapy (autologous adult stem cells) and other medical and holistic healing therapies for the prevention and treatment of degenerative diseases.

    Our Treat Regen stem cell therapy Programs offer a patient the opportunity to undergo an innovative stem cell based medical therapy in Thailand to improve, slow down, or in some cases, eliminate the potential effects of a degenerative disease.  This is achieved by using the patient’s own autologous adult stem cells and boosting them with a unique stem cell boosting agent that target the failing organ or tissues.  In some cases, a specific nutrient concoction tailor made to a patient’s needs is also prepared and given to the patient.

    Current Focus

    Current focus of our Treat Regen stem cell therapy Programs includes stroke, liver failure, kidney failure, Type 1 and 2 diabetes, erectile dysfunction, and spinal cord injuries.  We also have experience with other diseases such as bone marrow, brain and neural tissue damages, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and eye diseases to name a few.  Please contact us for more information on available therapies and treatments in Thailand for the above diseases and others not listed above.

    Depending on a patient’s medical record and pre-screening test results, our qualified physicians in consultation with a patient’s physician may also recommend other therapies beyond our basic Treat Regen Programs – such as vitamin infusion therapy, ozone therapy, and hormone therapy – that could be used to enhance the stem cells therapy results