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    Why undergo Adult Stem Cell Therapy for Liver Disease?

    The liver is the “repair” organ of the body. It’s job is to replace damaged cells, aiding in a number of bodily functions such as digestion, toxin/waste removal, blood cell growth, blood sugar control, making amino acids, and much more. A key function of the liver is to metabolize (or activate) medications. Liver tissue damage or inflammation (caused by infection, drugs, excessive alcohol, toxins, etc.) disrupts these important bodily functions. If your liver becomes extremely damaged, you may develop diseases including cirrhosis (permanent scarring of the liver), acute liver failure (which is life-threatening and often thought to be non-reversible), and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

    Medications can sometimes help with liver problems; however (as mentioned above), a primary function of the liver is metabolizing medications, so often drugs are not very effective. Another option for severe cases of liver disease is transplantation. This is very effective, but it is not easily accessible due to the worldwide shortage of liver donors. Many suffering from liver failure have few suitable options from traditional medicine.

    Thankfully, recent groundbreaking research has proven adult stem cell therapy to be helpful in treating those already suffering from liver disease as well as preventing it in those at risk of liver failure by regenerating the liver.1

    Though our understanding of the role of stem cells in our bodies is relatively new, stem cell renewal in our bodies is a natural process that has occurred in our bodies since birth. Stem cells are stored and reproduced in our bone marrow. When organs or tissue are damaged, the tissue releases Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor (G-CSF), which is a compound that is commonly known to trigger stem cell release from bone marrow. After that, this tissue releases Stromal-Derived Factor 1 (SDF-1)2, a compound that attracts the stem cells to the affected area. These cells then participate in the repair of virtually any tissue or organ.3 In effect, the more stem cells circulating in your body, the faster you can recover. Stem cell therapy boosts the number of active stem cells circulating in your system released from bone marrow, and due to the incredible natural asymmetrical division process of stem cells in the bone marrow, your bone marrow will not be adversely affected by the release of stem cells.4

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    Our Stem Cell Therapy Programs:

    Expected Benefits:

    The expected benefits from one of our stem cell therapy programs are extensive and will vary on a case by case basis according to a patient’s condition at the time of the injection of adult stem cells.

    In general though, once the adult stem cells are injected in a patient’s body, it is expected that the injected stem cells will assist in the regeneration and revitalization of the patient’s main internal organs and tissues as well as assist activate the existing body stem cells.

    Specifically for patients with liver failure or liver disease, there has been much stem cell therapy research done recently in response to the shortage of life-saving liver donors. The results are quite encouraging:

    At Thai Regen, we encourage you to research your options carefully and choose the path that is right for you. Stem cell therapy is not a magic cure-all for every ailment but has produced incredible results for certain problems in the body, especially ailments caused by the degeneration or damage of internal organs (such as the liver). So whether you are are experiencing end-stage cirrhosis or showing the early signs of liver failure, adult stem cell therapy from Thai Regen could be an excellent option for you.

    In addition to helping with the effects of liver failure by regenerating liver cells, adult stem cell therapy has a broad range of far-reaching effects to improve your overall health. The revitalizing and improvement in the functions of major organs such as liver, heart, and kidneys as well as key systems such as the hemic and lymphatic systems will in turn help turn back the clock and make the body run more efficiently. With a marked improvement in internal organ functions, it is then expected that the aging symptoms experienced by a patient will be greatly reduced, or possibly disappear altogether, and that their external health appearance, mood, energy level, as well as in many cases, sexual drive will return.

    At the same time, by making the internal organs and systems biologically younger and more efficient, the stem cell therapy is also assisting in delaying the aging process and the onset of a potential degenerative disease, hence the use of the term “rejuvenation” or “anti-aging” therapy.

    Many of our patients that have benefited from one of our Thailand-based stem cell rejuvenation (anti-aging) therapy programs have mentioned several positive effects from the therapy including improvement in their overall physical and mental condition, greater energy levels, a strengthening of the immune system, a better emotional balance, improved mental capacity, and increased libido to name a few.

    If you would like to take part in one of our Thailand based Health Regen Rejuvenation (anti-aging) therapy programs, Please fill out our Health Regen Form so that we can provide you with more details.  You can also go to our Stem Cells Testimonials page to find out how some of our patients have greatly benefited from their rejuvenation stem cell therapy program.

    Our main objective at Thai Regen is not only for our patients to live longer but also to live free of age-related problems and diseases.