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  • Thailand based Stem Cell Therapy Treatments from an Experienced and Dedicated Team

    Thai Regen offers stem cell therapy and other medical and holistic healing treatments in Thailand (Bangkok and Chiang Mai) for the prevention and treatment of degenerative disease as well as for anti-aging and body rejuvenation.

    Any disease in which there is organ or tissue degeneration can be a potential candidate for our stem cell therapy, but the treatment has also become popular for body rejuvenation or for slowing down the aging process.  Some people also simply choose the treatment as a precaution, or prevention strategy, so as to ward off any possible degenerative disease such as diabetes, arthritis, or Alzheimer’s.

    After investigating and experimenting for several years with many different stem cell therapy techniques to isolate, preserve, and use adult stem cells for therapeutic treatment, Thai Regen has come up with two distinctive stem cell programs for two distinct groups of patient.  Our Health Regen Program focuses on life style medicine – use of stem cell for anti-aging, rejuvenation and preventive medicine – while our Treat Regen Program focuses on the treatment of degenerative diseases – use of stem cell for diabetes treatment, arthritis treatment, alzheimer’s treatment, etc.

    HEALTH REGEN – Thailand Based Anti aging, Rejuvenation and Preventive Medicine Stem Cell Therapy Programs

    Our Health Regen Programs make use of autologous adult stem cells (patient’s own stem cell) and other medical and holistic healing therapies in Thailand to assist patients regain their youthful vitality while potentially preventing or slowing down the onset of age-related diseases and other illnesses or degenerative diseases they might be genetically predisposed to develop.  Our various Programs can also go a long way in helping a patient preserve and sustain optimal health and well being from the day he or she receives our stem cell therapy until well into his or her golden years.  Our ultimate objective at Thai Regen is not only for our patients to live longer but also to live free of age-related problems and diseases.
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    TREAT REGEN – Thailand Based Degenerative Disease Stem Cell Therapy Programs

    Our Treat Regen Program offers a patient the opportunity to undergo an innovative stem cell based medical therapy to improve, slow down, or in some cases, eliminate the potential effects of a degenerative disease.  The Program combines the patient’s own autologous adult stem cells with a specific stem cell booster targeting the tissues or organ needing repair.  Current focus of our Treat Regen Program includes stroke, liver failure, kidney failure, Type I and II diabetes, arthritis, and Multiple Sclerosis.  We also have experience with other diseases such as bone marrow, brain and neural tissue damages, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, eye diseases, and spinal cord injury to name a few.
    Find out more about our Thailand based Treat Regen programs

    For the past 5 years, over 500 patients have been successfully treated by one of our various stem cell therapy Programs or other medical and holistic healing treatment Programs.  We are also continuously striving to improve our therapy and treatment methods by working in close collaboration with our local partners involved in various stem cell based research projects.

    Thai Regen currently offers its services in two locations in Thailand which are Bangkok and Chiang Mai.  Each location holds an international accreditation and is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment as well as staffed at all times with competent medical professionals that oversee the safety and comfort of our stem cell therapy procedure and other alternative medical treatments.