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    Why Undergo an Adult Stem Cell Rejuvenation (anti-aging) Therapy?

    It is widely understood nowadays that the bone marrow acts as the body’s main repair system.  It does so continuously by generating adult stem cells (ASC) which have for principal role to maintain and repair the tissue in which they are found.

    As we age though, it has been found that the bone marrow generates fewer stem cells, leading to a decline of ASCs in the body and a decrease in the ability to regenerate and repair tissues.  Age-related changes occur in the skin, organs, sex glands, immune system, blood-forming system, muscles and other systems.  These changes are strongly associated with a reduction in the generation of stem cells to replace aging cells.  As our body’s cells continue over time to become progressively weaker and perish, unless appropriate new cells are generated, aging continues to take place followed by the occurrence of a number of typical degenerative diseases.

    Signs of aging seem to manifest themselves around the age of 40, although telling signs can come earlier for people that live in a very stressful environment or simply enjoy burning the midnight oil on a regular basis.  Obvious telling signs include:

    • decrease of intellectual capacity such as poor concentration and loss of memory
    • loss of energy, general fatigue, tiredness
    • weakening of immune system – chronic colds
    • mood swings, mild depression, insomnia
    • general aches and pains, back pains, nerve inflammation, mild arthritis
    • chronic diseases, headaches

    Good health therefore seems to be a balance between cellular loss versus the ability to regenerate and repair tissue while aging and disease formation is the result of an imbalance between cellular loss and the ability to regenerate and repair tissue.

    Stem Cell Replenishment and Rejuvenation Theory

    It is on the back of this theory “balance between cellular loss versus the ability to regenerate and repair tissue” that activated adult stem cells were first injected in patients in the early 2000’s to replace diseased, dysfunctional, aged or injured cells.  The results were immediate.   By replenishing the body with a large quantity of activated stem cells, it was shown that the body could regain some capability to renew and repair tissues and slow down the phenomenon of aging.  Since then, several studies in the medical literature have been reported to support this evidence of rejuvenation or “anti-aging” occurring in patients that have undergone a stem cell therapy program using adult stem cells.

    Targeted Patients:

    Our Thailand based rejuvenation (anti-aging) adult stem cells therapy apply to two distinct categories of patient:

    • Healthy Patients with warning signs of aging
    • Patients with degenerative (age related) diseases

    Healthy Patients with warning signs of aging

    This category of patients can be divided into 3 distinct groups:

    • Patients with excessively busy schedule that are starting to see a sharp decline in their work capacity and quality of life in general.  They usually suffer from heavy stress and work overload.  They are high flyers and consist of company senior executives, top managers and decision makers that consistently work long hours and have very little time to relax.
    • The “work hard” “play hard” type of patient.  He/she likes to consume alcohol, enjoy the night life, and often suffers from tobacco addition.  He or she still looks and feels relatively well but is starting to find it harder and harder to get up in the morning and keep up with this life style.
    • The athletic type patient who has exercised most of his or her life but is now starting to slow down due to aging, or perhaps simply because his/her body has been permanently overstretched over the years as a result of intensive exercises and simply needs a little boost to keep going.

    Patients with degenerative (age related) diseases

    This category of patients can be divided into 2 distinct groups:

    • Elderly patients that suffer from at least one typical degenerative disease.  Possible ailments include diabetes type 2, heart problems, hypertension, excessive weight, arthritis and joint pains, hemic or lymphatic disorder, chronic colds, bronchitis, and erectile dysfunction, to name a few.
    • Patients that have inherited a well documented genetic make-up and want to prevent the onset of a degenerative disease that is most likely to happen as they grow older.  This category of patient usually includes people in their 40 and 50s that want to slow down or perhaps prevent all together the onset of a particular degenerative disease known to occur in their family circle.  Their intent is to live longer but also free of age-related problems and diseases.

    Our Stem Cell Therapy Programs:

    Our Thailand based Health Regen Therapy Programs consist of either a 3-Day Executive Program or a 7-Day Revitalization Program.  Our 3-Day Executive Program makes use of autologous adult stem cells derived from the patient’s fat tissues while our 7-Day Program makes use of PBSC adult stem cells derived from the patient’s bone marrow.

    Within these programs, we have developed various options to cater to various patient requirements.  For instance, our “Health Regen Basic Program” caters to our “healthy but with warning signs of aging” patients such as a busy executive, our 40 year old athlete that needs a simple boost, or our 70 year old patient that wants to eliminate his/her chronic cold and constant tiredness.  Our Health Regen D Plus Program targets patients with diabetes type 2 concerns while our Health Regen Facial Rejuvenation Program targets patients that desire to revitalize their internal organs and tissues as well as refresh their facial appearance.

    Our stem cell therapy programs are conducted in a state of the art facility in either Bangkok or Chiang Mai in Thailand.  All programs include the injection of adult stem cells and other growth factors as necessary.  We do not make use of embryonic stem cells.

    Expected Benefits:

    The expected benefits from one of our stem cell therapy programs are extensive and will vary on a case by case basis according to a patient’s condition at the time of the injection of adult stem cells.

    In general though, once the adult stem cells are injected in a patient’s body, it is expected that the injected stem cells will assist in the regeneration and revitalization of the patient’s main internal organs and tissues as well as assist activate the existing body stem cells.

    The revitalizing and improvement in the functions of major organs such as liver, heart, and kidneys as well as key systems such as the hemic and lymphatic systems will in turn help turn back the clock and make the body run more efficiently.  With a marked improvement in internal organ functions, it is then expected that the aging symptoms experienced by a patient will be greatly reduced, or possibly disappear all together, and that their external health appearance, mood, energy level, as well as in many cases, sexual drive will return.

    At the same time, by making the internal organs and systems biologically younger and more efficient, the stem cell therapy is also assisting in delaying the aging process and the onset of a potential degenerative disease, hence the use of the term “rejuvenation” or “anti-aging” therapy.

    Many of our patients that have benefited from one of our Thailand based stem cell rejuvenation (anti-aging) therapy programs have mentioned several positive effects from the therapy including improvement in their overall physical and mental condition, greater energy levels, a strengthening of the immune system, a better emotional balance, improved mental capacity, and increased libido to name a few.

    If you would like to take part in one of our Thailand based Health Regen Rejuvenation (anti-aging) therapy programs, Please fill out our Health Regen Form so that we can provide you with more details.  You can also go to our Stem Cells Testimonials page to find out how some of our patients have greatly benefited from their rejuvenation stem cell therapy program.

    Our main objective at Thai Regen is not only for our patients to live longer but also to live free of age-related problems and diseases.